Nielsen's Opus

Nielsen’s Opus provides customized, high-end music entertainment for a variety of events, including those that take place in the private, public, and corporate sectors. Our focus is classical music, though we are able to staff for jazz and other arrangements.


Our artists are vocalists and instrumentalists of the highest caliber. Our expertise includes finding the perfect soloist or ensemble for your event.

We currently staff events in Miami and New York City.

We customize your event with musicians to fit your style, event's purpose, and classical musical taste.

Founder & Artistic Director

Robert_I_107 - Copy.jpg

Robert Isaiah Nielsen, M.A.

Robert Isaiah started singing as a teenager to Broadway Musicals in his car with his friends. Since then, he has gone on to complete a B.A. degree in Music from Seattle Pacific University, work at the Metropolitan Opera House, study with incredible coaches in New York City, perform in numerous musicals and church concerts, and most recently sing at Carnegie Hall.


He is grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities and talented people music has brought into his life and now he is excited to keep sharing this wonderful gift with the world by bringing exceptional classical music into the most important and intimate events that people have in their lives, and helping to make those events experiences to remember. Robert Isaiah is also available to perform.


His personal website is